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About us

With hundreds of millions of natural silk, for millions of households weave a year-round indispensable treasure - pure natural handmade silk carpet!

Yisi hand-made silk carpet belongs to Shanghai Sunshine Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd. Yisi brand was founded in 2009. The founder Michael Wang's family has engaged in the production and sale of hand-made silk carpet for three generations.

Yisi carpet factory is located in Nanyang, Henan Province, which is the manufacturing center of the world hand-made silk carpet. It‘s headquarter is located in Shanghai, an international metropolis. It integrates design, production and international trading all together.

Yisi handmade carpets are mainly made of natural silk. They are hand-woven, including traditional Chinese style, simple European style, classical Persian style, Turkish style, Italian Style, Worship prayer style, Southeast Asia style, India and Japanese style.

Yisi provides professional hand-made silk carpet personal customization, domestic door-to-door trial service, free delivery, after-sales cleaning, repair and other humanized services. To eliminate our customer's worries,  we would like our customers enjoy carpet "one-stop lifelong service".

Development history

In 1969, Henan Oriental silk carpet factory was established in Nanyang, Henan province, which was managed by the father of the founder of YiSi.

In 1988, Oriental silk carpet factory followed the trend of the era, bold reformed and innovated, and won the first prize of " Baihua award of Chinese arts and crafts".

In 1997, Yisi headquarter was established and many exhibition halls were opened in Shanghai.
In 2005, Shanghai Sunshine Arts & Crafts co.,ltd was incorporated.

In 2009, the "Yisi" brand was founded, and the main exhibition hall located at 2327 Jianhe road, Changning district, Shanghai was opened.
In 2010, both Yisi online and offline physical stores are gradually in operation.



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