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Silkworm eggs

Silkworms breed by eggs, which look like grains of sesame and are 1 mm wide, 0.5 mm thick. A female moth can produce about 450-500 grains of silkworm eggs, weighing about 1 g. When they are just laid, they are light yellow or yellow eggs. They turn into red-bean color after 1-2 days and then become sage green or purple through 3-4 days later. From then on, their color no longer changes, known as the fixed color. Silkworm eggs have outer hard shells, with egg yolk and serous in it. Zygote embryo continuously absorbs nutrition in the process of growth, gradually developing into newly-hatched silkworms, and then climb out from the egg shell. The egg shells are white or light yellow when empty.

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