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How to customize hand-made silk carpets?

It is not easy to make a hand-made silk carpet that suits your heart. You can almost buy the customized hand-made silk carpet you want by following these steps.

Step 1: Choose a good hand-made carpet provider.

At present, China has not formed a large influence in the field of handmade carpet segmentation, but small and medium-sized brands are many, most of its factories are located in Nanyang, Henan province, sales centers and exhibition halls throughout the country, such as Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and so on.

It is suggested to give priority to the hand-made carpet brand located in Nanyang, Henan province, because Nanyang abounds in natural silk, local materials can ensure the lowest cost to purchase the best quality carpet production materials.

Step 2: Shop around

Hand-made silk carpets are expensive. At present, domestic manufacturers focusing on making hand-made silk carpets have basically opened online sales, and they can be seen on Jingdong,Taobao, two largest major e-commerce platforms in China.

Before contacting those business shops, It would be a good choice to have a look around all shops and compare with the price differences between different shops, at the same time can judge the actual strength that gives an enterprise roughly through the decorate style of its shop and the picture, article posted on social media platform.

Step 3: Contact the merchant by phone.

After determining which brand to choose, contact the staff of the other party and inform them of the customization requirements. After the commodity price basically meets the budget target, if conditions permit, you can go to the entity store to see the goods in person, or ask the staff of the other party to present the product details.

Step 4: Determine the payment terms and delivery date

Hand-made silk carpets are not only expensive, but also take a long time to weave. You must negotiate the delivery time with the seller before you pay for it, so as to avoid unnecessary time loss caused by too long time. If you can't pick up the goods on site, You can also require to provide the door-to-door free trial services or designate a high-quality express company such as TNT , DHL express door-to-door delivery.

After the above steps, the only thing to do next is to wait at home for your favorite carpet to come to you.


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