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Production base of Chinese hand made silk carpet-Nanyang

When it comes to Chinese handmade silk carpets, people are still very unfamiliar, because handmade silk carpets are expensive and belong to luxury goods. Most people rarely notice this. Many People will be surprised by the fact that Chinese handmade carpets account for 80% of the world market share, but this is precisely the reality of the current world of handmade silk carpet industry.

The world-famous Persian rug is now also being made in China, mainly concentrated in Nanyang, Henan. The reason why it is concentrated in Nanyang is that Nanyang has been producing silk since ancient times, and Nanyang has the highest level of silk production due to its special climatic conditions. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Nanyang was a special place for royal silk and enjoyed the status of royalties.

(Nanyang Night Scene)

In addition, Zhejiang and Shandong Province also have the output of silk carpets, but not as the scale of Henan. Based on the second-phase development plan of Henan Province, it is hoped that Nanyang will become the center of Chinese silk production and manufacturing in the future.


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