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10 Years anniversary of Yisi brand

As time goes by, Yisi silk handmade silk carpet brand has gone through ten years.

In the past ten years, human society has entered the era of mobile Internet from the era of PC Internet. Mobile phones have also transited from functional computers to smart phones. More and more APPs are gradually changing our way of life. New communication channels and media are constantly emerging.

Everything is changing rapidly, but there is only one truth unchanged, that is, people's pursuit of cultural works of art and beauty.The handmade silk carpet, which has been handed down for thousands of years, is one of these works of art.

From 2009 to 2019, Yisi handmade silk carpets adhere to the pure handmade construction of each carpet. They will not reduce the quality requirements because of the rapid impetuosity of the times. Every finished carpet and tapestry is a fine product. Because we believe that the pursuit of quality and the real quality of consumer goods, always a handful of people, people's pursuit of commodity quality will not change.

Over the past ten years, Yisi product exhibition hall at No. 2327 Jianhe Road, Changning District, Shanghai, has received many customers from home and abroad, who come from different countries, have different ages, gender and identity. In the past ten years, hundreds of millions of silk carpets have been increasing the design of carpets according to the requirements of the times, and have made further technological progress.

With the improvement of Chinese people's living standard, a group of wealthy people and the middle class who pursue the quality of life gradually focus their consumption on traditional handicraft products rich in traditional culture. Yisi catches the market information in time. After the Shanghai World Expo, online businesses, Taobao and Jingdong stores are gradually opened.

We keep pace with the times. While adhering to the high-quality requirements of hand-made silk carpets, we are brave to accommodate new things quickly, just in order to inherit the treasure of hand-made silk carpets from generation to generation.

In the coming years, Yisi will continue to accompany every customer who pursues the quality of life to grow up and witness the beauty of life together.


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